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Recently Lee Kuan Yew the Minister Mentor of Singapore raised his concerns to our beloved former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahthir that Malaysia will become an extremist Islamic state. Tun Mahathir replied that such event will never take place. Recently at a function on Islamic Hadhari Briefing for the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur our Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also reiterated that such a development will never happen.


The big question is why at this juncture is Lee bringing up this issue ? He knows that the moderate Barisan Nasional government under Pak Lah’s stewardship has won a huge mandate from the people in the last General Election held last year. The opposition parties, especially, PAS lay vanquished and demoralised. They lost control of Trengganu State and nearly lost in Kelantan State.

Was Lee referring to PAS or was he referring to Islam Hadhari when he mentioned his worries that Malaysia is becoming an extremist Islamic state. If Islam Hadhari is his concern then it is clear that he is confused about the concept. Islam Hadhari has 10 principles and they are all universal values. Nothing extremist about protecting the interests of minorities and women. Same with its principel to protect the environment. So Islam Hadhari is definitely not the source of Lee’s concern.

Then what is it ? Why is Lee Kuan Yew playing up the bogeyman of Islamic extremism and its inevitable implicit relationship with terrorism. Is he targeting his remarks to any specific audiences ? Is this the opening gambit in a grand design to create and lay down the pretext in order to bring in foreign powers to the shores of our country specifically and ASEAN countries generally..

Mr Lee Kuan Yew is not a stupid man uttering some nonsensical statements. He is a shrewd and cunning person. So there must be a subtle message that he is sending to us Malaysians. As I see it he is not actually voicing his concerns to us.

His audience is actually the powers that be in Washington especially the New Conservatives (Neocons) which are predominantly made up of Jewish individuls . They are the real powers behind the scenes. The Bush Administration is only the tool to further the plans that they have designed, that is, achievement of world domination by the Zionists through using the Anglo-American Alliance which are under the control of the Zionists and Yewish Lobby and backed up by the Mossad and the Israeli Government.

Thus by saying the he is worried that Malaysia is becoming an extremist Islamic state and having the cheek to say it in Malaysia, he is saying it to the Neocons that Malaysia is a dangerous state which needed to be observed and if need be, to be destablised and weaken maybe with Singapore’s assistance so that the Zionist plan will not be hindered.

Lee Kuan Yew’s dangerous game must be bared open for all to see so that Singapore cannot get away and try to be irresponsible to tarnish the moderate image of Malaysia and Malaysian Government competently led by our Prime Minister, Pak Lah.

It is Singapore that is fast becoming an authoritarian state where there is no freedom at all. The recent case of a Singaporean student in the States who dare to criticise a Singapore government agency on his webblog is a clear example . Like it or not we have to accept that Malaysia is a more freer country than Singapore.

On line media like Malaysiakini can never operate freely in the Singapore environment. Maybe Mr Lee can ponder on this issue before passing remarks on neighbouring countries which is also happen to be none of his business.

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