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The recent issue of the desecration of the Holy Book Al Quran by the US military interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay and other secret detention centres has brought anger throughout the Muslim world. The White House and Pentagon have been acting with impunity on this issues. Nobody have been brought to justice after a thorough investigations promised by President Bush and Secretary of State Rice when the issue first exploded through the Periscope column of Newsweek magazine a couple of weeks ago.


While there were protests , some violent, as in the case of Afghanistan and Pakistan which involved a lot of deaths, in other countries like Indonesia , Malaysia and the Arab countries the protests were more peaceful and subdued.

Nevertheless a point needs to be highlighted. If the same desecration has happened to the Torah, Bible or The Holy Book of Sikhism what would have been the reactions of the Jews, Christians and the Sikhs ? This is an interesting question. If Muslims have done the same to the Torah or Bible definitely they will be labeled as barbaric and disrespectful to other religions.

In the case of the Sikhs if their Holy Book is desecrated they will seek legal remedies. Being a mainly minority sect they have always seek through legal means to ensure maximum damage to their enemies. Hence it is no coincident that in our legal books be it Contract, Tort or Constitutional Laws there will be a lot of cases involving Punjabi names cited as precedents in these textbooks.

With regards to the desecration of the Al Quran we can see clearly that the Bush Administration is not going to take any action at all against the perpetrators and culprits among the military personnel involved. The Pentagon has highlighted five clear incidences of disrespectful behaviors towards the Quran by military personnel. Subsequently the incidences were downplayed by the White House. The Bush Administration will be playing politics on the issue. They will issue a lot of statements but no concrete actions such as punishing the culprits among the military will taken after that.

So things are there are now, it is up to us Muslims throughout the world who have humiliated by these incidences to take the necessary action to erase the shame that have been inflicted put on all of us. Organizing new protests have proven futile and self defeating in the past . Good examples were the killings of our own Muslim brothers and burning our fellow Muslims’ properties that happened in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the recent protests). The next best alternative is to initiate legal actions against the Bush Administration. Muslims must seek legal remedies for the misdeeds done by the White House, the Pentagon and the American Military Southern Command which controls Guantanamo Bay detention centre.

The question is then who should be the ones initiating the legal actions. Non-Americans, I think, do not have the legal standing on this matter. That leaves American Muslim individuals or American Muslim Associations to initiate these legal actions so that no individuals whether they be military personnel or politicians can simply act with impunity to desecrate our Holy Book the Al Quran which are the Words of Allah sent to our Prophet Muhammad (pbh) through the Arch Angel Jibrail (Gabrael).

The shame and disgrace brought upon all of us Muslims by the incidences are very grave and my wish and prayer is that an American Muslim or Muslim Associations in the States will come forward and initiate this legal action to inflict legally the maximum damage to the military interrogators who did the heinous crimes and to the Bush Administration who continuously protect them.

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