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In Islam there are a few basic principles which are often forgotten by the Muslims. An example is the concept of amanah or trustworthiness as encapsulated in the the second principle of Islam Hadhari.


Trustworthiness is a very important concept in Islam. Trustworthiness, as prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah denotes performing all obligations and responsibilities. Allah said in the Quran in Surah An Nisa , verse 58 which means:

“Verily Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those , to whom they are due, and that when you judge between men, you judge them with justice. Verily how excellent is the teaching which Allah gives you. Trully Allah is Ever All-Hearer, All-Seer.”

And the Prophet, peace be upon him , said in a hadith by Ahmad: “And there is no faith in him (somebody) who is not trustworthy.”

This means that somebody who are not amanah is not a faithful Muslim.Why is trustworthiness so important in Islam ? This because if there is no trustworthiness how can there be any justice in the society.

A model ruler that really held to justice and trustworthiness is not utopian in Islamic civilization. We have a role model in the Caliphate Umar Abdul Aziz.

During his rule integrity and trustworthiness reigned supreme. Thus the level of poverty among the Muslims was gratly reduced to the point of there being no poor people in the land . The Baitul Mal (common wealth of the society) was bountiful.

The fundamental principles of the administration under Omar Abdul Aziz were that the government must be just and trustworthy from the top to the lowest bottom in the administrative hierachy of his Caliphate.

The Caliph himself was very trustworthy. The Wazir was trustworthy. The teachers were trustworthy. The militay commanders were trustworthy.

The writers were trustworthy. There were no such thing as mercenary writers. These mercenary writers like their counterparts the mercenary soldiers were writers/soldiers paid to write/fight for any parties that hired them.

These writers would then write venomous and malicious stories on their paymasters’s opponents even though these were lies while singing praises on their paymasters even though what they wrote were also lies.

Writers like this have existed since ancient time and have no integrity and trustworthiness that will make us to respect them. In other words they are not honourable worthy of our respect as they are writers for hire. Writers should have integrity and honour. Then only will they command society’s respect.

As true Muslims these writers must be honourable and write with integrity. If they do not have integity, they do not deserved to be respected and being given the honour to be called writers.

Writers deal with qalam or the pen or knowledge and if they write lies they would be responsible for their writtings in this and the after world.

Talking of a writers’s integity reminded me of the life of Sir Thomas Moore who was at one time a Prime Minister to King Henry VIII of England.

This was the King who created the Church of Enland and severed any relationship with the Vatican in Rome because the Vatican prohibited him from marrying more than one wife. He was also the father of Queen Mary of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I.

In the course of his career Sir Thomas Moore on one occasion upsetted the King when he refused to follow the King’s instructions as they were against his principles. He was subsequently charged with treason and sent to the London Tower to be beheaded.

His wife and children appealed to King to spare Sir Thomas Moore’s life to which the King agreed on condition that he seeked for the King’s foregiveness.

The family beseach him to seek the King’s forgiveness to which Sir Thomas Moore adamently refused. He told his family especially his children that how can he sacrificed his principles in order to live and what kind of life it would be for him without his principles . In other words he would rather die than give up his principles.

Thus he refused to seek forgiveness from Henry VII and was subsequently executed. Later Sir Thomas Moore was immortalised and became one of England’s greatest Prime Minister.

Justice and trustworthiness were the cornerstones of Caliph Omar Abdul Aziz’s rule. Whether this idealist administration is possible in contemporary Malaysia with Pak Lah’s Islam Hadhari approach is yet to be seen. But it is worthwhile to quote here Martin Luther King Jr’s most famous phrase “ We have a dream”.

Thus the approach or concept of Civlization based on Islam, with its Ten Principles, introduced by Pak Lah our beloved Prime Minister in 2004, to me, is in the right direction.

Some distractors commented why not use the term Hadhara Islam rather than Islam Hadhari. We should not be too preoccupied with the sematics. What is of inportance is not so much the name Hadhara Islam or Islam Hadhari but more important is the substance and the applications of the approach.

Is the content of Hadhara Islam any much of an improvement on the Islam Hadhari approach introduced by Pak Lah ? May be Islam Hadhari’s opponents should highlight their programmes under their concept of Hadhara Islam and not just be reacting negatively to what UMNO under Pak Lah is offering to the Muslims. The Muslims formed the majority religious group making up 60 % of our nation’s population.

At the very least the Muslims would like to see the packages being offered by these distractors so that we can study and analyse their programmes . This sort of competition as to whose programmes are more useful for the betterment of the Muslims’s future being the majority group in Malaysia.

Whether certain UMNO leaders abide and are in line with the principles of Islam Hadhari is an open question. Maybe they are not well verse yet in its concept. Nevertheless Pak Lah has sowed the seeds of what he wants his Administration to be.

So it is imperative that Pak Lah must move foreward with his own team in the Cabinet and government administration that is in line with this Islam Hadhari.

Any delay in doing so would derailed the smooth admistration of the country under his leadership and stewardship and may affect his legacy which I think will be Islam Hadhari itself.

A moderate Muslim Malysia that is in tune with the times and on the march towards modernisation in our own mold towards the Vision 2020. As the English proverb goes “ Make hay while the sun shines”.

Move on Pak Lak , you have the biggest mandate a Prime Minister has got in the last General Elections and the latest victory at Pengkalan Pasir in Kelantan by election was won by Barisan Nasional due to your character and conduct. May Allah bless and protect our beloved Malaysia.

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