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Voting DAP has not benefited Malaysian Chinese

MCA Central Committee member Ti Lian Ker today warned Malaysian Chinese not become mere political pawns in DAP’s game of thrones.

“It is time for the Malaysian Chinese to take a step backward and assess the political promises and posturing of all political parties.

“They had listened to DAP in 1969 and also in 2008 and 2013. Has the Malaysian Chinese community benefitted or improved their political prospects and representations or are they being further sidelined or reduced to mere political pawns in a game of thrones?,” said Ti in a statement.

He said that the battle right now is between PAS, UMNO and PKR, with PAN and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s (PPBM) existence being “merely transitional” and a one time bullet or ammunition for the bigger players in the coming 14th general election (GE14).

PAN and PPBM will be a spent force or exhausted post-GE14, said Ti who is also MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chief.

“Since these intrinsically Malay/Islam based parties are fighting for the Malay Ace of Spades, it is inevitable that one party will label or paint the other as selling out their race or religious interest.

“This had happened in the 1980s when political Islam was at the hilt during the post Iranian Revolution. Anwar Ibrahim thrived on Islamic posturing and (PAS president) Hadi Awang labelled Umno as kafir for working in cohort with non-believers.

“We have seen Mahathir Mohammad play the race, cultural cards against the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. We have seen how Mahathir lambasted Malaysian Chinese Organisations Election Committee or Suqiu as Communist. We have seen how the Chinese were victimised or picked upon every time the political stakes were increased.

“It is time for the Chinese to be strategic voters as they claim to be,” said Ti.

He said that Malaysian Chinese have survived many political uprisings and upheavals throughout history by being passive and observant but should not continue charging forward as “sacrificial lambs” in this political game of thrones.

He said that they must revert to being issue centric and not political partisanship.

“They have given their full support to DAP but gained nothing except for political animosity and attention that made them a political target,” said Ti.

He further said that now is the time for the Malaysian Chinese community to stay “above the fray of the games of thrones” as the battle is about personalities and not policies.

“It is about winning over the Malay and Islamic Card. Otherwise Mahathir would not have insisted on a Pribumi party that is based on ethnicity. DAP merely wants to hinge onto whichever party whether it is PAS, PAN or PPBM as long as they pick up enough votes to trounce MCA in a Devil may care manner.

“They do not care whether PAS is going to implement Hudud or not when PAS said that their cooperation is on a temporary basis under the tahaluf sirasi principle.

“They do not care whether Mahathir Mohammad is going to walk the ultra-Malay path again if he ever tastes victory.

“That is DAP! A party of opportunists but without taking real responsibility on for the Chinese political fate as seen from the past. They conveniently pass the buck and blame to MCA,” he said.-19/7/2017

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