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Practise some humility, Khairuddin tells Syed Saddiq

An inexperienced politician like Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has no right to challenge someone much more senior than him, said former PPBM founding member Khairuddin Abu Hassan.

In a tirade against Syed Saddiq, Khairuddin said the PPBM Youth chief should practise some humility, especially as his career in politics is still in its early days.

“There are lots of political cultures that this young boy has to learn. In politics, we have to be humble, big-hearted, open minded and sincere,” he said in a statement today.

“If I was PPBM Youth chief, the approach I would have adopted to solve the party’s internal turmoil will be to coax them (those who have quit PPBM) all back into the party.”

Khairuddin was commenting on a challenge Syed Saddiq had issued to PPBM vice-president Hamidah Osman.

The latter, speaking to FMT earlier today, had challenged Hamidah to resign from the party, alleging that she was the one responsible for the unravelling of Perak PPBM.

This came after more than 1,000 Perak PPBM members resigned en masse, due to what they said was party president Muhyiddin Yassin’s poor leadership.

Syed Saddiq had also called Hamidah a hypocrite who turned her back on Muhyiddin after she was denied the position of PPBM Perak chief.

“Challenging one another is not the way to solve PPBM’s internal turmoil. Syed Saddiq’s reaction will get more people annoyed with the party,” said Khairuddin.

While admitting that he, as an outsider, had no right to get involved in the party’s internal matters, Khairuddin remarked that the public was now watching the party closely.

Hence, all internal conflicts must be handled professionally and in a manner that would create a positive outcome, he added.

“Don’t make out PPBM as a party with an arrogant image,” said Khairuddin.

On Friday, Ipoh Timur PPBM division chief Azrul Suhadi Ahmad Mokhtar and Teluk Intan chief Jemaat Yaacob led more than 1,000 Perak PPBM members in handing in their resignation letters.

Azrul was reported as saying Muhyiddin had failed to resolve conflicts at the national and state levels despite being given a week to do so.

But, according to Syed Saddiq, it was better that these members leave now rather than when PPBM, along with its Pakatan Harapan (PH) partners, had already made it into Putrajaya.

This is because the damage that these alleged “agents of Umno” can create if PH forms the government would be far greater, he said.

“I will not be silenced when I see a wrongdoing take place.”

Despite his young age, he said he was happy that PPBM leaders like Dr Mahathir Mohamad respected him and called on his critics to debate with him if they were unhappy with his comments.

Hamidah has yet to comment on Syed Saddiq’s comments, saying she will issue a statement later.-29/5/2017


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