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‘Nothing special in PAS manifesto for Selangor’

There is nothing special about PAS’ manifesto for Selangor as it lacks new ideas that can excite the people, according to political observer Mohd Sayuti Omar today.

Speaking to Berita Daily, Sayuti said PAS had to settle for an ordinary manifesto because the Islamic party lacks professionals who are capable of coming up with original ideas.

“If it is just the same idea with a little bit of improvement, then I don’t think that the people in Selangor will be attracted to PAS’ manifesto.

“It is ordinary and there is nothing new about it because the Selangor state government has already provided free bus ride, aid for women and aid for old folks. What are the new things from PAS?” said the long-time PAS critic.

Selangor PAS through its ‘Gagasan Sejahtera Selangor’ yesterday launched its 10-pronged manifesto, which encompasses 33 promises that it would fulfil should the party be given the mandate to rule the state in the 14th general election.

The 10 thrusts revolve around what PAS would do to empower the state, religion and culture, income, education, women and family, and youth.

The manifesto also focuses on health, agro-economy, the home and the environment.

Themed ‘Selangor Sejahtera’, it was launched by Selangor PAS commissioner Sallehen Mukhyi. Selangor Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Ikatan) chairman Mohamad Badri Abd Rahman and former Selangor chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim were also present.

“The lack of professionals in PAS contributed to the lack of new ideas. PAS could not think of a fresh idea that could attract the voters in Selangor,” Sayuti added.

Meanwhile, asked what PAS could offer on the national scale, Sayuti said there is not much that PAS can offer or to counter Barisan Nasional’s manifesto.

“On the national scale the challenge is much bigger and it would not be easy for PAS to challenge BN’s manifesto.

“If in a state, PAS could only recycle, then how is it going to go against the (federal) government. I predict that it will be tough for PAS to counter or to come up with a manifesto that can attract the people,” he said.

PAS aims to give out RM500 to expectant mothers, RM200 to those above 40 years old to undergo medical check-ups, and a RM10 million grant to help young entrepreneurs in the farming sector.

Apart from that, its manifesto aims to form a transparent and competent state government, provide incentives to those building places of worship, improve digital economy and infrastructure, provide school bus fare assistance, offer assistance to single mothers, draft Industry 4.0 training and programmes for youth, and arrange free transportation for the disabled and old folks.

It did not spell out how these initiatives would be implemented or specify the financial allocations for them.-2/4/2018

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