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No sincerity in Mahathir’s apology

Mahathir Mohamad’s “sorry for past mistakes” as prime minister and promising freedom of speech to the public and the media should Pakatan Harapan and his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) win the next elections during the PPBM AGM is none other than the longest serving premier being a hypocrite.

It is ironic for Mahathir to make such a bold claim and it is a hypocrisy of the highest order especially since it was during the latter’s tenure that the ISA was used against people, activists and politicians who wielded a divergent opinion.

There was a lot in our system that was left intact post-Independence.

The legal system, the spirit of the law, the Federal Constitution and even the ISA was respected by his predecessors.

Mahathir’s predecessors never changed the Federal Constitution to suit their whims.

They never abused the ISA to lock up their political rivals, in or out of the party. They respected the spirit of the law.

He made claims that his predecessors made more arrests made during their tenure, but those arrests were made at the height of the Communist insurgency and were made to safeguard the nation, not to safeguard nor extend their political career.

Mahathir is just trying to pass the blame of his mistakes to the present administration, a pattern continued after he arrowed endless criticisms against his immediate successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, leading to the latter relinquishing the premiership.

The “retired” prime minister’s apology is insincere. He refused to be specific and show remorse.

All he did was a general apology that is normal courtesy in Bahasa Malaysia speeches that do not reflect his regret or intent to make amends.-2/1/2018

Ti Lian Ker is MCA’s spokesman and the party’s religious harmony chairman

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