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‘We will grow stronger and together as one’

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has given assurance that no Malaysian community would be left out as the nation grows stronger on all fronts.

“I am committed to ensure that no Malaysians will be left behind, that the future of our children will be better than ours and that we will grow stronger and together as one,” he said in his Chinese New Year message, via his website, najibrazak.com today.

“I hope that this Year of the Dog will bring prosperity and good health to you and your families and may we continue to be proud and committed to Negaraku, a country that we love.”

He also spoke extensively about the Chinese reunion dinner as it symbolises unity.

“Great emphasis is placed on the tradition of reunion during this festive period as it continues to embed and cultivate not just the values of filial piety and respect in the next generation, but also strengthens the relationship and bond of one with friends and family.”

“This tradition, which has been practised from generation to generation for thousands of years, is indeed a respectable custom.”

“It symbolises the concept of coming together as one.”

He also said that the way Chinese New Year is celebrated here are a perfect reminder to the identity of Malaysians.

“This celebration is a perfect reminder of the many cultures and faiths that make us who we are as Malaysians. Our vast array of traditions and perspectives, our melting pot is what makes us unique, keeping us fresh and dynamic.”

“Indeed Malaysia is home to many, and all have played important role in building this great nation especially our Chinese brothers and sisters as fellow sons and daughters of Malaysia. Their tremendous contribution is evident in every part of the country be it culturally or economically.”-15/2/2018

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