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MB warns Johol trespassers

Individuals illegally occupying the official residence of the Undang of Johol – one of the four powerful chieftains in Negri Sembilan – can be slapped with a charge for criminal trespass if they continue to ignore a notice to vacate the premises.

“We regret we have to go to the extent of disconnecting water and electricity supply to get these individuals to leave.

“Despite that, they have not budged,” said Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, adding that he was unsure how many individuals were on the premises.

“But I want to remind them. Apart from the criminal charge, they can also be slapped with another charge, which is obstructing a civil servant from executing his duties,” he said.

On Monday, The Star reported that state authorities had no option but to cut water and electricity supply to Balai Undang Johol.

The authorities decided to do so after a notice was issued to the former Undang, Datuk Moham­mad Jan Ghani, to vacate the premises.

Johol’s Council of Elders sacked Mohammad Jan last August for committing offences that tarnished the image of the institution.

The move was also to allow the new Undang of Johol, Datuk Muhammad Abdullah, who was officially presented to his subjects during a Kerjan ceremony two weeks ago, to move in.

The three other chieftains are Undang Sungai Ujong, Undang Jelebu and Undang Rembau.

Apart from being the heads of their respective regions, their duties include selecting the next state Ruler or Yang di-Pertuan Besar.

On a separate matter, Mohamad said Negri Sembilan will observe April 25 as a state holiday in conjunction with Israk and Mikraj.

He said although Israk and Mikraj will be celebrated on April 24, which was already a state holiday, the authorities decided to declare the following day a state holiday as the Federal Government has made April 24 a national holiday.

This is to mark the installation of Sultan Muhammad V as the new Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

“It is my hope that everyone, including the private sector and industrial sector, will observe April 25 as a state holiday,” he said.

Mohamad added that Israk and Mikraj was gazetted as a state holiday under Section 8 of the Public Holidays Act 1951. It is also a state holiday in Kedah and Perlis.

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