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100 killed in one week in Brazil's prisons

At least four inmates were killed Sunday in a facility in Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, sending the number of violent prison fatalities to over 100 in just one week.

Much of the violence, which includes several massacres with decapitations and disemboweling, has been among rival drug

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Banana businessman now Haiti president

Jovenel Moise, a Haitian banana exporter who has never held political office, has survived the country’s long-running electoral nightmare to become its next president.

Moise’s victory in the November 20 election, made official Tuesday by the

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More than 20 killed, dozens injured after fire on tourist boat

Twenty three people were killed and dozens injured today after a fire ripped through a boat carrying nearly 250 people to islands north of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, the city’s search and rescue agency said.

The Zahro Express caught fire

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No survivors in India coal mine collapse as toll hits 18

There are no survivors in the coal mine collapse that killed 18 workers, Indian authorities said yesterday, as emergency teams continued searching for the remaining bodies.

At least 23 people were buried under the rubble after a massive mound of

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Obama most admired by Americans...

In a survey released yesterday, US President Barack Obama beat out Donald Trump as the man most admired by Americans in 2016.

Twenty-two per cent of those surveyed by Gallup chose Obama, followed by 15 per cent who chose Donald Trump. Pope Francis

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