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Philippines aims to end Marawi siege before Raya

Philippine aircraft bombed rebel positions and ground troops launched a renewed push against Islamist militants holed up in this southern city today, with the aim was to wrap up the fighting before the weekend Eid festival, a spokesman said.

The offensive came amid worry that rebel reinforcements

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Ramadan shopping shows Indonesia’s economic spirits brightening

Indonesia’s economic spirits are rising judging by the line of women outside a packed Furla bag shop for a traditional midnight Ramadan sale at a Jakarta mall.

The Muslim holy month, due to end in late June, is half over, and how much shopping

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Brazil officially declares Zika national health emergency is over

Brazil's Health Ministry declared on Thursday that the country's public health emergency as a consequence of the Zika virus is over.

The combination of actions to eliminate the Aedes aegypti mosquito by the government and the population is

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Four climbers found dead on Everest

Authorities in Nepal have been unable to confirm the identities of four bodies found on Mount Everest, officials said on Wednesday, raising speculation the climbers may have died years ago.

The climbers were found at camp four—at 7,950 metres —

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‘Over half of Rohingya girls who fled violence became child brides’

More than half of Rohingya Muslim girls who fled violence in western Myanmar ended up becoming child brides, according to a United Nations survey that also showed widespread domestic abuse.

Since 2012, violence and communal clashes in Myanmar’s

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