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Protesters may storm parliament over blasphemy row

Indonesia's chief of police warned on Monday that demonstrators may try to storm parliament to protest against the Christian governor of the capital Jakarta, who, they say, insulted the Koran.

Police used tear gas and water cannon on Nov. 4 to disperse more than 100,000 protesters demanding that

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Trump strikes back against 'totally wrong' media reports

President-elect Donald Trump has taken to Twitter again, blasting the media for speculating about his transition team and cabinet appointments. While the press has described the transition as chaotic and confused, Trump called it a “very organized

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Trump hires Priebus, Bannon for White House

President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday picked Reince Priebus (pix), a Washington insider who heads the Republican National Committee, as White House chief of staff, signaling a willingness to work with Congress to advance his agenda when he takes

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The end of American World Order

The Rebalance author Mercy Kuo regularly engages subject-matter experts, policy practitioners, and strategic thinkers across the globe for their diverse insights into the US rebalance to Asia.

This conversation with Amitav Acharya – Unesco Chair in

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Duterte arrives Wednesday on two day state visit

Tough-talking Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte arrives in Malaysia on Wednesday on a two-day state visit where talks on security issues will be the highlight on the agenda.

Nicknamed “The Punisher” for his tough anti-drug stand, the 71-year-old

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