Come clean on your delegates list, DAP

DAP had been given opportunity after opportunity to prove themselves in their triennial party election.

The party has broken the world’s record for having the most elections to elect its party office-bearers. This is the only democratic party that needs a three-time election to elect its office-bearers.

Despite obvious interferences and manipulations in their party elections, DAP leaders have the cheek to accuse the Registrar of Societies of impropriety.

Ironically this is the same party that had been shouting for electoral reform. They have organised Bersih rally after rally to seek for a clean electoral roll. Yet their very own party with a mere 2,576 delegates is in a sorry state.

DAP is good at picking on others but its very own backyard is in a mess. How many members does it actually have?

It would be interesting to see whether DAP will practise what they preach. It would be interesting to see whether former Bagan Luar DAP chairman G Asoghan’s request for the name list of 2,576 delegates used in the Dec 14, 2012 party polls will be published.

Will Asohan be still a voting delegate or will he and many others who are not in the good books of Lim Kit Siang and son be “banished” or vanished from the books?

It will be most interesting to watch the predictability of DAP’s elections. I predict that DAP will once again forbid their members to speak to the press in an attempt to cover their flaws, weaknesses or manipulations within the party.

DAP is not called the Dictatorial Action Party for nothing. There will be another gag order and leaders purged soon.

For a party who can change their election results to accommodate a Malay into their office bearers list, it will be most interesting to watch DAP’s election this time around.

The proof is in the pudding and we shall watch the new twist by the father and son team this time around.

Over the years DAP had been using the Malay window dressing to project a multi-racial image. The fact is none of their Malay leaders were taken seriously.

They have so many senior Malay leaders who have been serving the party for years such as Zulklifi Mohd Noor, Ahmad Ton and others but in the end Lim Kit Siang will sacrifice or sideline them by coupling in new faces like Zairil Khir Johari or personalities such as Tunku Abdul Aziz, Arif Sabri or their latest conquest Zaid Ibrahim, purely to have a Malay face or two.

In their 2012 elections , all their Malay leaders have lost miserably despite more than a quarter of century of services to the party.

Below were the insulting results that their serving Malay leaders received, a reminder that DAP are chauvinistic and not inclusive towards their Malay leaders.

Malay candidates who lost were Penang DAP committee member Zulkifli Mohd Noor (216 votes), Senator Ariffin SM Omar (748), Johor DAP vice-chairman Ahmad Ton (347 votes), Pahang DAP deputy chairman Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji (121), Desa Manjung DAP branch chairman Solaiman Op Syed Ibrahim (98), Roseli Abdul Ghani (39) and Harun Ahmad (28).

Ti Lian Ker is MCA spokesman and the head of the party’s religious harmony bureau

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