Brazil officially declares Zika national health emergency is over

Brazil's Health Ministry declared on Thursday that the country's public health emergency as a consequence of the Zika virus is over.

The combination of actions to eliminate the Aedes aegypti mosquito by the government and the population is attributed to the reduction in cases.

However, Brazil's

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‘Over half of Rohingya girls who fled violence became child brides’

More than half of Rohingya Muslim girls who fled violence in western Myanmar ended up becoming child brides, according to a United Nations survey that also showed widespread domestic abuse.

Since 2012, violence and communal clashes in Myanmar’s

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Wave of attacks after new constitution signed

Thai police on Friday reported 22 attacks, including at least five small bomb blasts, in Muslim-majority southern Thailand only hours after King Maha Vajiralongkorn signed a new constitution on Thursday as a step towards ending military rule.


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Christian governor loses Jakarta run-off: Pollsters

Jakarta’s Christian governor on Wednesday lost heavily to a Muslim former government minister in an election run-off, private polls indicated, after a divisive battle that has damaged Indonesia’s reputation as a bastion of tolerant Islam.


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Why the Japanese pay $27,000 for a melon...

It looks like a jewelry shop with its high-end exterior.
But a peek inside the sparkling glass display cases at any of Sembikiya's Tokyo outlets reveals expensive treasures of a surprising kind.
From heart-shaped

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